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1) How many times can you honestly say you've been in love?:: Once
2) How many serious boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?:: hmm 2
3) When was your first date & who was it with?:: Hmm..I dont even know but the one I remember was with Jessi Long at sportsmans hall
4) Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?:: Yes I do
5) When do you think that you'll get married?:: I hope so
6) Do you think that you should become friends with someone before dating them?:: it depends.
7) Do you believe that opposites attract?:: yes I do
8) What traits do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?:: I just love people who are down to earth, and arent affraid to have a good laugh, and I love a girl who has a personality
9) What is your dream date?:: Just eating a nice meal with the one I love, and cuddling all night
10) Have you ever had your heart broken?:: yes
11) Where do you want your wedding to take place?:: Ive always wanted my wedding on a beach or in Canada
12) What kind of music do you want to have played at your wedding?:: music I like, and of course journey!
13) Where do you want to go for your Honeymoon?:: Canada or a beautiful beach
14) What do you think about long-distance relationships?:: Im not really sure.
15) Your thoughts on online relationships?:: I couldn't do it. "We chat online for like 3 hours a day"
16) Would you rather date someone five years older or five years younger than you?:: 5 years older.
17) When did you have your first kiss?::  It's really sad but I dont even remember
18) Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?:: of course
19) Are you a hopeless romantic?:: I dont know
20) Are you the romantic type?:: at times.
21) Do you believe the statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater"? No I dont
22) Do you read romance novels?:: I dont read much..but I should
23) Do most of your stories & poems you write revolve around love?:: yeah..I dont write anything anymore
24) Have you ever fallen for a pen pal?:: Ive never had a pen pal..so NO
25) Have you ever been in a love triangle?:: hahaha yeah!!
26) Must love be felt to be truly understood?:: most def!
27) Are you a shy lover or a vibrant lover?:: Im not really shy at all so i'll go with B
28) Do you believe that marriage is something sacred?:: I love what Waynda Sykes says "ahh I'll give it a shot"
29) Are you for or against couples living together without getting married?:: Not at all. Id like to know how a person is to live with before I marry them anyway
30) Have you ever asked someone out on a date?:: yes I have
31) Ever been stood up on a date?:: No
32) Have you ever loved someone it hurt & you cried?:: yes
33) Are you/Have you ever been married?:: 54 times
34) Did you go to prom, if so, with who?:: yes I did with a good friend
35) Do you/Did you enjoy school dances?:: Yeah I do
36) How many kids do you want to have?:: 3...
37) Is there someone who you really like at the moment?:: oh yes
38) Have you ever been secretly in love?:: yeah
39) Have you ever sent someone something on Valentines Day?:: I dont think so.
40) Have you ever had a secret admirer?:: I dont think so..but since its a secret i'll never no!!!
41) Have you ever been a secret admirer?:: nah
42) Do you read Shoujo manga?:: I love tacos!
43) Do you usually fall for a wrong guy/girl or the right guy/girl?:: No
44) Are you a lover or a fighter?:: snuggle whore?
45) What do you think about interracial couples?:: do the damn thing!

46) Do you believe in divorce?:: I really dont know..I wouldn't want it to get that bad but it has to happen sometimes
47) Are you parents still together or are they divorced?:: I think still married?
48) What is your favorite color on the opposite sex?:: I love girls in black
49) What are your views on gay marriages?:: I think love is love.
50) Do you think its okay for best friends to become couples?:: No
51) Have you ever broken someones heart?:: yeah I think so.
52) Have you ever been given or given roses?:: yeah
53) Do you have an ideal mate?:: Someone who likes me for me
54) Have you ever been to a dating site?:: Nah
55) If so, what did you do there?:: ^^^^
56) What do think of E-harmoney, match.com etc?:: I think people should get out and meet people.
58) Have you ever been engaged?:: No
59) Has someone ever proposed marriage to you?:: no but I hope one day
60) Are you the one who makes the move or do you wait for them to make the move?:: I make the move..always..its insane.
61) Do you flirt or are you not a flirter? Oh I flirt like whoa..

62) How do you act around the guy/girl you like?:: I smile a lot
63) Have you ever seen the movie The Notebook?:: some of it
64) What is your all time favorite romance movie?:: How to lose a guy in 10 days
65) Do you read Romance novels?:: nah
66) Favorite Video Game Romance?:: grand theft auto 3 ALWAYS gets to a girls heart
67) Would you get remarried more than twice?:: I hope that never has to happen
68) Imagine your 79 & your spouse just died, would you remarry after they died & you were married for 60 years?:: Nope I would just get like 1000 cats
69) Is remarriage betryal?:: umm... im not sure.
70) What do you think of pre-arranged marriages?:: stupid?
71) Do you know anyone who has had their marriage annulled?:: naah
72) Does romance make you gag?:: no way
73) At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex?:: I always had crushes on girls..even when I was like 4
74) What song do you want played as you walk down the aisle?:: "I will come to you" hanson
75) Does Love conquer all?:: duh
76) Are most High School kids in infatuation or love?:: I am in high school and ive been in love
77) Who was your first love?: Christina Ricci
78) What's the longest you've ever liked someone?:: a year
79) Do you have any friends who are already married?:: nope
80) Would you give up everything for love?:: depends.
81) Love songs, yeah or naw?:: im a sucker for love songs
82) Will your life be incomplete without love?:: I dont know.

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